We at Pesco Telecom invest a lot to make sure we are always up to date regarding the latest technologies in the telecommunication field, because we insist on giving the best service to our customers.

Hybrid Fiber / Microwave

Our networks are a hybrid of the latest in Fiber Optics and Microwave technologies the telecomunications market has to offer.

Power Availability

Given the poor power avaibability in most area of the country, we have to make sure the power is never interrupted at our sites. We use state of the art power systems where we integrate batteries, solar panels, wind energy and generators in order to keep the network alive.


As the country plunges into darkness and prolonged power outages, Pesco Telecom had to act fast to be as independent as possible and keep the high power consuming sites and equipment running.
We acted fast, and introduced redundant power sources to all our sites.

Solar Energy
Wind Power
  • Most of our sites are now equipped with standalone power generators that compensate for the grid outages.

  • We also integrated solar power system along with the generators where it is technically possible to have a third redundant power source.

  • Lately, because the increased need for power autonomy and redundancy, we started implementing wind energy systems within our power systems in selected sites.

Our Technology Providers